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Most pets facilities today install Global Syn-Turf synthetic grass as an indoor and outdoor healthy and easy-to-maintain alternative pets, and dogs love. Durable resilient under heavy use, our turf products are proven to eliminate the stress associated with upkeeping pet's environments. Natural grass responds to dogs' activities with brown spots & bare patches. Quick easy fixed promised by lawn chemicals is not an option if you want your furry friends to avoid health issues. There are also rainy days when cleaning the muddy prints and trails of dirt on your hardwood floors or carpet becomes annoying. Installing synthetic lawns in the yard is the key to keeping your yard and home in good shape regardless of weather. No surprise, professional facilities for dogs and pets today prefer fake grass to traditional grass, sand, and gravel. You can use Global Syn-Turf products cut to your custom size to create indoor runners and mats that allow for walking and ensure cleanliness. Global Syn-Turf outdoor pets systems offer superior drainage, absorption, softness, and durability.

Artificial/Synthetic Turf Grass Benefits

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    Artificial turf lawns are great for pets, especially dogs. It seems impossible to have a dog and simutaneously maintain a beautiful lawn, but synthetic turf grass is the answer. Dogs and their masters love artificial lawns because they are clean, low maintenance, and always green and lush. Dead spots in your real grass/sod are a thing of the past. Artificial grass will enhance your home’s appeal with a beautifully manicured year-round lawn. Dog droppings and urine will not stain or discolor the artificial grass, and our specially manufactured artificial/synthetic turf backings allow urine to drain right through the turf. Join other LA-area dog owners who have solved their landscape challenges with artificial grass from “Frass” Fake Grass.

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    Synthetic turf grass lawns are environmentally friendly in many ways. Synthetic grass conserves Southern California’s precious fresh water resources. Artificial grass lawns require no fertilizer which saves area bays, lakes and the Ocean from polluting urban run-off. Herbicides are unnecessary because artificial lawns are not susceptible to lawn pests and diseases. Not mowing the lawn is a great help to our ozone layer, too. Did you know that one lawn mower can pollute as much as ten (10) cars!? Not to mention saving the lawn/yard man the gas he would burn on the way to maintain your real grass lawn.

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    Because synthetic grass does not require watering, except to clean it occasionally, you can feel great knowing that you are saving Southern California precious water. Artificial grass lawns can save you 50% to 70% of your total residential water usage. Synthetic turf grass significantly reduces your water bill and will do so for decades to come. An artificially landscaped yard will pay for itself rapidly in water and maintenance cost savings alone.